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Important: Dear visitor, please, take into account, that if you would like to receive selected and purchased artwork(s) without difficulties, we advise you to make your order through our gallery. Direct association with artists (owners) will lead to the certain problems. Not every artist is ready to sell you the artwork(s) with discount (as we do), receive your payment in comfortable for you form, collect all export permission documents, send the artwork in the proper packing via the proper delivery service, solve any possible issues during the delivery process, etc. Think about it.

We do everything possible to make you happy with the artworks you select in our gallery:

- we make careful selection of professional Russian painters and sculptors for the Russian Paintings gallery;

- we provide only high quality images of their artworks on our site;

- we use service of the universally recognized DHL express delivery company;

- we send you the largest possible images of the artworks (at least 1000 pix on vertical or horizontal line);

- we send you any available information about any particular artwork on our site;

- we provide flexible discounts to make your purchase as much comfortable for you as possible;

- we use only perfect packing, which protects the artwork from damage during shipping;

- we use escrow service of the Escrow.com to protect you from fraud fear;

- we provide the return and replacement of the purchased artworks.

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