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Olshanskiy Boris. 'Abduction of Princess'
Added: 25 Oct 2008, views: 30809
Olshanskiy Boris - 'Abduction of Princess'
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Note: This original artwork is for sale.

Our visitor(s) comments:
By Sinisa Added: 30 Apr 2009
I'm from Serbia. Your pictures are amazing. You are telling the story about the slavic people and their myths. Technique is incredible. I’m a painter too and I never saw this kind of work. You Russians are different.
ID: 11708
Artist: Olshanskiy Boris
Artist info: Biography
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Title: 'Abduction of Princess'
Media: Canvas, oil
Size: 65x90 cm / 25.6x35.4 in
Year of creation: 2005
Status: For sale
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