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How to buy

So, you have decided to buy the artwork(s) presented in Russian Paintings gallery. The process of purchasing is very simple. Please, read the detailed description of this process and the steps of ordering listed below. We hope that this information will answer your questions which have probably arisen.

The process of ordering can be divided into 5 steps:

Step 1. Selecting the artwork and asking its price

While browsing the artworks presented in our gallery and becoming interested in one of them, you can click on its small image and go to the page where the detailed information and the enlarged image are presented. On this page you can use different services including inquiring the price of the artwork and the additional information about it.

- First of all you have to ask the price of the artwork. For that purpose, please, click the link 'Ask the price', fill the form and press 'Ask the price' button. To see the prices of all artworks presented in our gallery directly on the site you can also register the new 'My gallery' account by clicking 'Register new user' link and following the instructions.

- If you have submitted the 'Ask the price' form, the price of the selected artwork will be instantly sent to your e-mail.

After you have received the letter from us with the original price, you can make a request for the image with greater resolution (at least 1000 pix on vertical or horizontal line) and offer your price for the selected artwork by answering our letter.

You will receive our answer with the final price. If you agree with it, you can write us that you want to make the order. Or you can simply go to the page with the large picture of the artwork and click the 'Buy the artwork' link.

Step 2. Ordering

- If you have clicked the 'Buy the artwork' link then the new pop up window will appear. In the opened window fill in all necessary fields and press 'Submit'. Don't forget to include your contact information so we can contact you.

- If the process of ordering was successful, you will see the 'Thank you page' and receive the e-mail message confirming the delivering of your order. Please, check your e-mail box.

When making your order you can also specify the form in which the artwork will be delivered to you: on the stretcher or rolled up.

Step 3. Settling the conditions of the transaction

After receiving your order we will reserve the artwork for you.

We will inform you about this by sending you the letter with all conditions of the transaction.

Note: Any other conditions of the order like cost and terms of delivery, conditions and guarantees of return, discounts, can also be discussed.

Step 4. Payment

After reaching the agreement on all conditions of the transaction (steps 1-3), you will receive the link to one of our pages where you can finally check all the points of the bargain.

We will send you the URL to the 'Confirm your order' page.

- Please, open the URL to the 'Confirm your order' page we provided you in the letter.

- In the opened window fill in all necessary fields and press 'Preview' and then 'Submit the order' buttons. Don't forget to include your delivery address.

- If the process of submitting was successful, you will see the 'Thank you page'. The confirmation e-mail message will be sent you.

- (skip this point if you decided to pay directly to our bank account without using Escrow.com service)

After you have submitted 'Confirm your order' form, we will check all information. And after that you will be offered to visit the Escrow.com company site where the final step of the transaction takes place. Therefore in further actions refer to the instructions provided by the escrow company.

If you have never used Escrow.com services before, it will be necessary to register first. After the process of registration, log in to your account and find your order in the list of active transactions. You can click on the link and receive the detailed information on it. On the same page the service will offer you to pay for the order. You can choose a way of payment and pay for the order. Escrow company will not release this sum of money to us until you receive your order and accept it.

- You can also pay for your order directly by transferring the money to our personal bank account.

Read more about Escrow.com.

Step 5. Delivery and acceptance of the order

As soon as escrow company will receive the money, we will draw up all necessary documents for the artwork to pass the state custom service successfully and send it to your address. After receiving the merchandise, you check the safety and authenticity of the delivered artwork and then accept the merchandise on escrow site. After that the transaction is considered to be completed.

In case of direct wire transfer to our bank account, the artwork will be sent immediately after receiving the money to our personal bank account.

For any additional information, please, feel free to ask your question via e-mail. Our e-mail addresses you can find on the Contact us page.

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