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Gallery statement

Russian Paintings Gallery is one of the largest Russian galleries dedicated to the contemporary Russian painting and sculpture. It gives the artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their works of art worldwide.

We actively cooperates with the regional branches of the Russian Union of Artists to give Russian artists living away from the cultural centers an excellent opportunity to become popular all over the world.

The following are qualities we seek for our collection:

- Some of the main attributes for the selection of art are the creativity of the artist, original ideas and conception.

- We pay the special attention to professional accomplishment and craftsmanship when we are selecting art.

High professional level of the artworks we are representing is confirmed by the art experts from The Samara State Fine Arts Museum with whom we are closely cooperating.

The success of our artists stems from the solid experience originating from the distinguished education, years of hard creative work and numerous prestigious exhibitions.

You can be sure that if you like the work of art you see on the screen, you will appreciate it even more in person.

We place only high quality images to allow you to have accurate impressions about the works of art.

You can offer your price for any work of art you want to buy.

Orders can be processed via Escrow.com to avoid fear of fraud.

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Russian Paintings gallery

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