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Delivery is provided by the DHL company only. Your order will be shipped right to your door and handed in personally by the representative of these delivery company.

About DHL express delivery company

DHL Worldwide Express

Phone: 1-800-225-5345

Accredited by Escrow.com: Yes

Online Tracking: Yes

Online Calculator: Yes

Online Tracking

There is the function 'Online tracking' on the official site of DHL express delivery company. It allows you to track the status of delivery of the parcel from the sender to the addressee by air waybill number.

Online Calculator

There is the function 'Online calculator' on the official site of DHL express delivery company. It allows you to calculate an approximate cost of delivery of the parcel by choosing its type, weight and place of delivery.

Cost of Delivery

You should pay attention to the following points connected with the cost of delivery:

- to find out the approximate cost of delivery of the artworks, please, use the online calculator on the official site of DHL express delivery company;

- add a 18% value-added tax to the sum you get with the help of online-calculator;

- the cost of delivery you get with the help of the online calculator is an approximate one; the exact cost of delivery will be calculated by the local representative of the DHL express delivery company and we will send it to you in the confirmation letter for your order, which contains all conditions of the transaction.

Time of Delivery

It usually takes approximately 10 business days from receiving the funds to our Escrow.com account (or to our bank account if you pay directly to us) to delivering the artworks. The actual time of delivery also depends on the place of residence of the addressee and some national holidays during which the DHL company is closed or delivers items in sometime longer.


You can get the artwork which is made on the canvas or silk in 2 ways:

- rolled up (canvas without a stretcher, rolled up and packed in the special tube);

- on a stretcher (exactly the same as purchased from the artist) âЂ“ the best way to save the artwork intact.

Graphics are also sent in 2 ways

- framed (in passe-partout, in the frame under glass) âЂ“ the best way to save the artworks intact;

- unframed (as a document, without passe-partout).

We carefully wrap up the artworks with a water-proof polyethylene film and pack them into special boxes made of thick cardboard and then transfer them to the DHL express delivery company for additional packing and delivery.

For any additional information, please, feel free to ask your question via e-mail. Our e-mail addresses you can find on the Contact us page.

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